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6 Of The Best Campaigns For Digital Marketing Company in the UK

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With the emerging of new technologies and channels, marketers have taken digital marketing to a whole new level. Every now and then, we get to see new innovations from different companies. The trend of digital marketing is exceeding far beyond our imagination. 

Ad campaigns are great influences that can last on your mind for a long time and impact buyers to make decisions directly or indirectly. That is why the top Digital Marketing Company in UK trusts it. It is important keeping an eye on them!

What is a Marketing Campaign?

Marketing campaigns are simple actions created by companies that are meant to drive them towards a goal. It can be influential, increasing awareness of the product, services, businesses, driving revenues, or helping in a turnover, etc.

Leading Digital Marketing Agency in UK trusts marketing campaigns. And why shouldn’t they? Because it is the ultimate power to reach suitable audiences, create trends, and define the market!

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

Here are some of the best digital marketing campaigns in 2021 – 

  • Virgin Media – Virgin Media, one of the leading broadband companies in the UK had one of the best ideas for digital marketing campaigns. Their motto was “Faster brings us closer” by which they told a story about bringing people together to what they love. One of the most inspiring campaigns that you will ever see.
  • Go Pro – Go Pro has been regular about their trending video content campaigns. Recently, they have again surprised the audiences with another showpiece called the “The Awards” campaign. Through this campaign, they have encouraged people to upload their best video content.  
  • Heineken – Heineken is amongst the top brands in the world. They had a special unique way for campaigns. They used political conflicts as the subject that were trending. Like the global warming effects, transgenderism, and feminism. They created a video where individuals participated in a social experiment where they are discussing issues with each other, whilst drinking Heineken, of course!

Best Offline Marketing Campaigns

  • Lego – Lego made the best offline campaign strategies ever. As you know, they create little building blocks that children play to build toy houses with. Lego made marketing fun! They invented braille through play. Braille is a script for visually important people. Lego introduced braille learning with lego toys. It can also be used by the sighted parents, friends, or other family members to interact with them!
  • Spotify – Spotify had the most trending campaigns of offline digital marketing. They used one of the most popular and interactive subjects of this era, that is memes. Funny, easy to understand, and the best way of communication. What more can you expect from a good marketing idea? The platform used innovative slogans like “Me, Also, Me” to explain to people that they had the best music according to the user’s moods.
  • KLM – Airport trips can be boring, so KLM had the most unique idea to make it more interesting. They introduced a campaign called “Take off Tips” in which people can connect with their fellow travellers before the flight takes off! They introduced booths in airports around the world in which travellers can go and talk to their fellow travellers, sharing tips about the destination to which they are travelling. It is basically done through a holographic fabric where they are projected on the screen. Sounds so much unique, doesn’t it?

With the technologies evolving day by day, there is so much uniqueness that the best Digital Marketing Agencies are implementing. It is much difficult to judge the best and pick the finest from a bunch. What we can do is to learn from the inspiring and positive movements of these brands!

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These campaigns are a great opportunity to learn about marketing and get an idea of what people want. It makes it easier for business to clear their goals!

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