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Free SaaS Website Security Software to Maximize Protection Against Cyber Threats

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With the penetration of the internet culture deeper into society, most of our documentation and transactions are directed online these days. Both for personal and professional purposes, we upload our details online. What if online predators get to access our confidential data? 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) released the Global Risks Report, publishing the findings of the latest Global Risks Perception Survey this year. As per the survey,  a threat to cybersecurity is the 4th most potential threat to the world.

Nowadays cyber-attacks happen every half a minute. Web-based online campaigns and  Digital Marketing Services are increasingly more vulnerable to online threats. 

Website Security

The website serves as our virtual shop or online office. Website security refers to the measures observed and practised for protecting our e-store/e-office against cyber concerns. Remote workers are hot targets for cybercriminals. 

It doesn’t need to write big paragraphs on the importance of website security. We all are highly active online and very well aware of the need for protection against cyberattacks. This blog will not bother the readers with unnecessary explanations on web security needs. 

Let us gear our attention on the main topic of discussion here. It is crucial to invest in Website Security Software to safeguard ourselves from hefty losses and severe threats.

Website Security Software Automation

Web security automation can be described as the software-based implications of security measures, empowering the user to programmatically spot, identify, inspect, and restore or resolve the concerns.

It involves detecting website vulnerabilities and ensuring the erasing of such vulnerabilities on time. Many business startups and agencies have a misconception that website security software is a heavy expenditure. 

It is not entirely wrong. But, also it is not the absolute truth. FREE software to uptight the security of your website is available.

We will mention the name of such FREE software here along with a brief description of each. 

Website Security Software Available Online FREE


It is a feature-rich web-based web security software that Digital Marketing Agencies in UK popularly use. Free version and free trial both are available. Deployment options include only the SaaS cloud. 

The software is available with access controls/permission and VPN. DDoS protection and web application security are available. You can automate the threat response and malware detection task. 

Firewalls, load balancing, encryption, vulnerability scanning, and anomaly detection features are available. 


A SaaS cloud-based web security and analytics software. Both the FREE version and trial are available. The deployment options include Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux), On-premise (Windows & Linux), and Mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad). 

The software is available with an activity dashboard, API, application security, and CPU monitoring. Users can keep a track of the online activities of the team. It comes with a threat response. Several Web Design Agencies in Warminster advocates the exploration of such software to benefit from an enhanced layer of protection. 

Network monitoring in real-time and vulnerability scanning is possible. 


A web application SaaS firewall, you can use its free version. The deployment option includes cloud SaaS only. Tighten the security with access controls/permission. Firewalls available. Users can easily conduct network scanning for detecting vulnerabilities and ensuring top performance. 

DDoS protection is available. The malware detection feature further enhances its utility value. Doing patch and incident management becomes possible. It comes with a dashboard. 


A Free trial is not possible, but a FREE version is available of this feature-rich SaaS web-based website security software. No other deployment choice is available apart from cloud-hosting. 

Malware detection becomes easier with the use of it. Noteworthy features worth mentioning here are intrusion detection system, threat response, vulnerability scanning, firewalls, endpoint protection, intrusion detection system, and SQL injections. 

Wrapping up

These options on website security software are worth focusing on and giving a try. Check them out and explore others as well. Also, do let us know the names of other choices available.

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