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A Guidebook to Social Media Marketing Agencies to Tackle Trolls

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Posting on social media is a regular work of a social media marketing team of a business. The aim behind these regular posts is generally the promotion of the brand that kindles a meaningful interaction with the stakeholders and the new prospects.

The posts generally receive a positive approach, with likes and shares by the viewers. However, one menace that the social media marketing agencies have to remain on their toes are the trolls.

About Social Media Trolls:

Social media trolls are mostly anonymous accounts that post nasty comments loaded with unparliamentary and uncensored words. They also try to mock the contents of the post and sometimes launch vicious attacks on the individual who posted it.

Social media trolls are very hard to stop or avoid, as they can create a clone account even after they are banned from a forum. The process of creating an account on Facebook or Twitter is much easier, which is why they return with their full might and create a nuisance.

How to Control Them:

If you think that controlling these trolls are simple, you may think again. Social media marketing agencies in the UK are out of ideas to tactfully tackle them. Sometimes the social media managers get creative while responding to a troll in a post.

Ways to Tackle the Trolls:

Here, we will discuss various processes by which you can control a social media troll on your post. Take these ideas and use them correctly to give a perfect reaction to the unsolicited responses.

  • Respond Tactfully: The trolls may be foul-mouthed and respond in an unsavoury way. But make sure your brand does not approve of the language used by them. Let your social media marketing agency respond to them but in a professional manner. The response may not make any difference, but the language you use can reflect your brand identity.
  • Differentiate Constructive Criticism from Trolling: You should understand the fine line between constructive criticism and mindless trolling. When someone alerts you about the inconsistencies and the quality of service, you should respond in a way that compliments their query. For trolls, you can either choose to be respectful or respond to them in a sarcastic manner that will amuse all.
  • Be Polite in Tone: You have to think about the image of your brand on the minds of your customers before you respond to the trolls. So as a social media manager, your tone should be polite. You may ask them why they are posting such comments and how they have been affected by the service of your brand.
  • Apologise: This is the old school technique adopted by various social media marketing agencies in London. When someone gives a reply aggressively, you can opt only to post an apology, voicing your concern for the experience faced by the customer. This will give the impression that your brand cares about those who face low-quality service.

Though you cannot control all trolls in the comment section, these are some of the usual reactions that you can use. These will talk about professionalism and the creative way of tackling a hostile situation in your business.

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It is indeed a challenge to maintain a positive image on social media platforms throughout your days of operations. Trolls make things much more miserable. So you must consult with an experienced agency for the maintenance of brand image.

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