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How PWA’s Are Changing The Concept Of Web Development In Digital Marketing Agency?

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PWA’s or Progressive Web Apps in their latest iteration is going to replace web apps for good. Though not a new trend, PWA’s are becoming more popular and efficient in 2022. It helps websites load in no time and on the other hand, can work offline in apps like the Google Map.

Leading companies in the world are using PWA’s for a better user experience. With the increased usage of smartphones and tablets, it is essential to revamp the web apps in PWA’s.

What is PWA?

PWA’s or Progressive Web Applications are just like websites that behave like a native mobile app. It provides an app-like experience, where you do not have to visit the store and download the applications.

PWA’s are much more effective and are used frequently all over the world. That is why major Digital Marketing Agency is tending more towards it.

Why PWA’s Are Important?

Brands usually prefer native mobile applications with a good UI, push notifications, offline availability and easy access from mobile and tablets. But the trend and customer’s actions speak otherwise.

A recent analysis stated that people prefer easily accessible websites more than applications. Most of the time an app gets deleted after 3 to 4 uses. Mostly because of memory issues.

The progressive Apps technology provides a welcome solution to these challenges. It is focused upon proving an app-like experience without one needing to download it from the application store.

Benefits Of Progressive Website Apps(PWA’s)

  • PWA works for every user irrespective of the browsers they use because Progressive webpages are designed based on progressive enhancement as a core tenet.
  • Responsive or Progressive web designs mean that they can be accessed from any device without deteriorating the quality and the content of the webpage. This is why the top Digital Marketing Company in UK opt for PWA’s.
  • Independent of connectivity. This means that it can be accessed on slow networks and even offline!
  • An app-like interface that makes it navigate and act just like apps for the user interactions
  • The service worker update process helps it to keep updated with accurate dates and times always.
  • The HTTPS Server protocols make it safe so that no one can tamper with the content and prevent snooping.
  • They are discoverable to the search engines too. W3C manifests and service worker registration scopes make it visible to the search engines.
  • Re-engageable features added makes it more effective. Even the push notifications features can be updated along with it to make re-engagement easier.
  • Installable – The users can choose to install and save them on their home screen for quicker use in the future. This eliminates the hassle of downloading the app from the store or finding the webpage in the search engine.
  • Shareable with a snap. The easiest sharing features. Just copy the URL of the webpage and share it with the people, as simple as that. No need for any unnecessary hassles.

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Wrapping Up

Though there are innumerable trends introduced every day, PWA’s are making it on the topmost list of it. If you want your organisation to be effective and go along with the long run of being successful, you are recommended to try out unique methods like this for maximum ROI. For more details, visit our website or call us anytime!


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