Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels with Significant Stats 2021!

Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels with Significant Stats 2021!

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Digital marketing term keeps buzzing around. Many of us already know what it is. Exploring the internet and digital mediums to accomplish the marketing goals is digital marketing. A detailed understanding of digital marketing service in a precise style however is lacking in many of us.

Digital marketing is a vast ocean that you need to take a deep dive into, yet the end is never within your reach. It is practically impossible to claim that you know everything about digital marketing.

The newbies will find the information here useful and for experts, our article will not feel boring for sure. We will not ponder on the definition and advantages of digital marketing as we all have a basic idea of it.

Something new to your knowledge base will keep adding to every day. Just stay alert to grab all the recent developments.

Digital Marketing Channels

It is crucial to direct your marketing campaigns to the digital sphere. While directing something, you need to follow certain channels via which you can work on your digital marketing goals.

What these channels are? There are multiple and more are adding to it with time. We will limit our discussion to a few only here.

Let us sharpen our understanding of it in a precise way.

Email Marketing
It has long grabbed attention as an effective online or digital marketing channel. Email marketing brings you before a global audience without emptying your pocket. Easy to start, easy to share, and easy to track!

Over 82% of B2B marketers opt for email marketing. Email newsletters are the best for securing, nurturing, and converting leads.

Crafting personalized messages become possible. According to engagement level and geographical locations, one can segment email listing for added convenience. It ensures delivering the emails to the right prospects, at the right time.

Share business content, blogs, and any organic content you wish via email marketing. Calls to action with better design and a copy can create wonders.

Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

A lucrative e-marketing channel when your patience to wait for organic traffic starts declining. It gives the much-desired boost with warm leads and instant traffic.

Just pay for the traffic your advertisements are generating. Compared to organic advertising, 50% more traffic you get via PPC. Enjoy measurable and easy-to-track result with Business Designz PPC campaigns.

It is a high-impact yet low-cost online marketing channel. The ROI rate of paid advertising is impressive, it is 200%.

One of the top on-page conversion generators, the PPC channel takes your business higher in the digital sphere.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

In the domain of digital marketing, who dares to challenge the contribution of SEO? None in the right sense of mind would. Google grabs around 92% of the entire. search engine market share. Your absence on Google is a piece of bad news for you!

Search Engine Optimization yields better and more traffic than even PPC if implemented strategically. Around 70% of digital marketers admit it. Here, you need not pay for your advertisement.

More than 80% of people are conducting online research before making a purchase. Optimizing your site as per the search engine (Google obviously) will get you traffic automatically.

The statistical figures of local SEO are equally encouraging. Over 85% of people search for local businesses on Google Map. Around 18% of local searches actually bring in customers.

Business Designz can offer customized Local SEO Services UK to help startups reap SEO benefits. Our SEO experts first will assess your website to pinpoint the factors affecting its ranking. Then comes keyword research and page optimization.

The experts keep doing ongoing optimization of the on-page factors and continuous testing of the changes. It facilitates staying ahead of the Google algorithm. Our SEO regularly monitor the results through reporting and analysis of the key metrics.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Socializing online for professional and personal reasons is a norm now. In the world of marketing and advertisement, it is a dominating channel.

You ignore it, you will disappear from the race in no time. People spend 2.5 hours approximately on their social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing supports boosting brand awareness. It generates public curiosity around your brand by telling your brand story via customer engagement.

Business Designz also is a reputable Social media marketing agency in London. The social media executives here craft creative and informative social media posts.

Posting them timely on popular social sites at regular intervals helps in enhancing brand awareness and customer engagement. Around 49% of today’s global population are active social media users. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and LinkedIn are significant social media landscape influencers.

It supports building customer loyalty through engagement and exceptional customer service. This channel has apple more to offer.

Over 52% of social browsers explore social media for product research. You can go through our Recent Trends to Observe in Social Media Marketing 2021!

Content Marketing. 

Content marketing facilitates building brand credibility. Sales messages fall flat to informative content that the targeted audience searches for. Around 95% of B2B clients focus on content to decide whether a brand is worth their attention.

Educating your targets better with content and boosting brand awareness becomes easier. It boosts SEO and builds site credibility, generating more purchases.

Blog post recommendations convince consumers easily into buying/subscribing. Content marketing is yet another low-cost and high-impact online marketing channel.

Our Business Designz content curators excel in creating a diverse range of content. The experts can create informative Blog Posts, Podcasts, Infographics, Videos, Webinars, Email etc.

Wrapping Up

The blog here enumerates and explain precisely the major highlights of the 5 top-notch digital marketing channels. We sourced the statistics from reliable sites, to the best of our knowledge. The information here will help you reach an informed decision in shaping your digital marketing campaign.

For the newbies, the data here will add further to their knowledge. We will be happy to know about your feedback though. Feel free to share your opinion on this piece of writing.

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