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Magento Migration Reasons You Should Not Ignore

The recent Magento 1 end of life has marked a new milestone in the era of digital commerce. The braver part of the community has already settled down at Magento 2, trying out everything it has to offer and getting used to the new surroundings. The other skeptical part is still uncertain about convincing Magento migration reasons. Thus, to put an end to their beating around the bush, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of what one should keep in mind while considering Magento migration.

What if I stay with Magento 1?

There is no use delaying Magento migration. Would you postpone it if the question was about staying in a house with a leaking roof and creaky floors ready to cave in? Magento 1 has lived its time and sticking to it for longer than it is recommended will cost you the following.

Unsupported, insecure, with no plans for future

The previously announced end of support date has expired and Magento 2 has come to the scene. It means that businesses face the risk to be one-on-one with all kinds of tech issues. Deprived of constant supervision, bugs will eventually take over your ecommerce venture. Tackling them on your own is a dead-end job, and hiring someone to do it for you is a slow but sure way to the money pit.

Another risk of neglecting Magento migration reasons is total insecurity. It’s similar to leaving your house unlocked intentionally. Loss of security is sure to have a dreadful impact on an online store’s wellbeing. Consider financial scams, hack attempts, malware, and trojans. About the last one: VISA & PayPal urge merchants to migrate to Magento 2 in order to remain PCI DSS compliant, as they might stop the transactions for Magento 1 and your business will end up in a coma.

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