Easy-to-Follow Effective SEO Tips & Social Signals in SEO

Easy-to-Follow Effective SEO Tips & Social Signals in SEO

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A digital marketer dare not mess with SEO and neglect its importance in the digital world. A higher rank in the search engine is quintessential for inviting more traffic. SEO and Social Media Marketing highly influence online visibility.

You get popular when more and more people start liking you or hear about you.  The same goes for the digital space as well. The more your site or brand will find exposure, the greater is your chance to find leads.

Any reputable SEO agency in London, Business Designz one such, offers customized packages. As every business is unique, so are their SEO targets and needs. Generating Leads and Branding are the basic two purposes of SEO. Ans, these two are the primary reasons to go online. Right?

Online reputation is instrumental in getting leads. Prospects approach you when they find your brand credible. How you convince them about your brand credibility? Your top SEO ranking automatically influences your targets.

Do we give a damn to what is there in the 2nd and 3rd pages of Google? Nobody cares even about noticing the content of the 5th or 6th sites of the first page. It the first three sites our search results fetch us that get maximum traffic.

Nobody, especially digital marketers and online business owners, needs to know the importance of SEO ranking. In this new digitization-oriented age, SEO will keep dominating along with Social Media Marketing.

A full-stack digital marketing company cannot operate if the arsenal misses out on SEO services. Let us get a glimpse of a few actionable SEO ideas to boost the site ranking.

LOW Loading Speed= Lower Traffic Rate

Loading speed is a crucial SEO ranking factor. It is a bitter truth that you have to agree to. An online information seeker will not have the patience to wait longer than 3 seconds. Period.

LOW Loading Speed= Lower Traffic Rate

Yes, we are very impatient online. Within minutes we are used to making new friends across the globe and access any information we want. The search engine is stuffed with a lot of many sites furnishing the same offerings.

Why should we then wait for your website only that is refusing to load quickly? Options are many and we love to get distracted, don’t we? The low loading speed is a curse for your website, and for your online business at large.

Discard off anything that triggers down your site loading speed. Get away with unwanted widgets and plugins.


A quality On-page SEO advice worth considering. A short yet explanatory structure of your content URL can boost SEO ranking. Why don’t you insert one or two targeted keywords in your URL?

Descriptive URLs facilitate the audience in assuming what the website is basically about. Do not exceed 60 characters while crafting your site URL. Google finds it difficult to process long URLs so it will not favour SEO ranking.

Your URL needs to be easy to comprehend, within 60 characters and must include at least one keyword you target.

It will help you please Google. Why Google? It is the most popular and commonly used search engine worldwide! You might like our blog “The Basics of SEO Highlighted”.

Create Original Content for Google with Primary/Secondary Keywords 

Google algorithm loves original content. Create a distinguished identity from other similar websites with unique content.

Google is intolerant towards plagiarized content, while it awards unique and comprehensive content with a higher ranking.

It is advisable to increase your word count without stretching it on unnecessary information. Business Designz, a reputed Digital content marketing agency UK, stresses upon keeping the content crystal clear with better clarification. It helps Google understand what your content is all about.

Once your content can convince the Google algorithm that you are an expert on the topic, receiving a high rank won’t be tough.

Use your primary and secondary keywords. SEO experts know how vital is keyword research in their domain.

The focal point of your landing page is the primary keyword. Secondary keywords detail out the focus of the web content. Page Titles and Meta Descriptions are a must!

In brief, use primary and secondary keywords in your unique content, detailing out clearly so that it’s easy to comprehend.

Some Suggestions on LOCAL SEO 

Improving your local SEO is crucial as they are more promising prospects. You can get business from people around you quicker and better.

Experts offering customized Local SEO Services UK suggest creating a GMB listing. It is highly instrumental in the local SEO domain. Fill up the profile fully, aim for 100%. Also, create mini-posts and share them on social sites.

List your business in other virtual business directories specific to your locale. Correctly input your contact details and name. Update your NAP (NAME & PLACE) whenever you relocate your business. Create Location Pages if you have multiple branches.

Format your site content with local keywords. Insert them into headings,  title, meta description, body etc.

Google algorithm loves original content

Social Signals in SEO: Google Gives Importance to Social Media Platforms 

Even Google takes an interest in the popularity of social media platforms. Don’t raise an eyebrow when we say social media sites are like search engines.

Google does not award you with a higher search rank for your social links. But, attractive social media profiles impact the result in SERP. Social media marketing London experts admit to it completely.

For example, when you search for Business Designz in Google, it displays its Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. You can click on these and learn about its activities. The audiences do click on them.

SEO should embrace social search engines. People do look for organization on social channels now. Google’s algorithm HARDLY ignores social sites.

To end the discussion..

The topics discussed here and tips suggested can be fruitful if implemented in the correct fashion. This correction is better achieved with the guidance of an expert digital marketer.

Do seek out what is missing in your online marketing campaign. Hopefully, the information here helped in adding more to your knowledge base!

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