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WordPress Plugins that Are Sought by the Leading SEO Agencies in London

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If you are trying to augment your WordPress website security and perform a boost to your SEO activities, you have to bank your trust on the plugins and updates offered by WordPress at regular intervals.

Choose Plugins Wisely:

The plugins are very much effective and can give you the best results even when you want to upgrade the site speed. However, SEO agencies in London know the best about the upgrades and do not trust all the plugins. There are several reasons behind this.

Disadvantages of Bad Plugins:

While correct SEO optimization can upgrade the website performance and give a different experience to the users for browsing the website, bad or bogus plugins can harm your website by degrading the performance, speed, and effectiveness of the search engine.

About Recent Plugins:

In this blog, we will talk about the upgraded plugins which are used by the best SEO agencies in London. These are the most recent plugins which can enhance the website performance and get the best results for your SEO activities.

  1. Yoast SEO: Yoast is well known among beginners for its user-friendly features and comprehensive features. You can try your hands on this website if you do not have much experience in ranking a website. With Yoast, you can configure the Google Search Console, add Automatic XML Sitemaps and add upgraded .txt files with ease.
  2. WP Super Cache: WP Super Cache is the ultimate tool for you to upgrade the site speed. The SEO Agencies in London trust this plugin and install them on the website to increase the functionality, remove the cache and improve the performance even when the website is operated within multiple windows.
  3. Easy Table of Contents: Whether you design your website on WordPress or Python, a vital thing that you have to remember is to publish a well-devised table of content of the website. The best plugin that can help you to reach this goal is the Easy Table of Contents plugin. It can also install an HTML table into your web page which can create hyperlinks automatically.
  4. Redirection: Do you know which is the most fearful text and digit for the web developers? It is ‘Error 404’. It may sound funny, but redirection issues can make life miserable for both the backend specialists and users. For avoiding problems like these, the London SEO Agencies use the Redirection plugin. It is easy to install and link to the website too. It will abstain the viewers from frequently seeing the Error 404 message.
  5. Rank Math: For optimization of content inside the website, Rank Math is the best SEO plugin. It makes content upload and optimization an easier process. By installing this plugin on your website, you can get the real-time update of your content’s engagement, without even leaving the WordPress dashboard. It also does not affect your website loading speed.

By installing these plugins, you can work on ranking a website easily, with the brilliant site loading speed, quality content by facing zero glitches. These tools are used by some of the best SEO agencies in London and are much trusted among the best quality developers out there.

About Business Designz:

If you are trying to upgrade your campaign through the best SEO activities from the leading digital marketing professionals in the city, you can try Business Designz. We can help to create your website and rank it by optimizing it in a premium way.

More About Us:

Our SEO executives have worked in this field for nearly a decade and have knowledge of all kinds of major plugins that can help you get useful traffic. By optimizing content, stuffing keywords and creating new accounts, we can help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Wrapping Up:

As you can see, SEO plugins are very vital to upgrade the performance of your website and make it reach more people within a short time. Keep yourself updated with the recent plugins and install them to get the best results.

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