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How To Increase Twitter One Million Followers For Businesses In 2020

#brand The average Twitter user follows five businesses on Twitter, and 80 % of Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet. And that road goes both ways, with 77 % of Twitter users feeling more positive when a brand replies to their Tweet. More importantly, Twitter found that 54 % of users that […]

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How To Grow The Conversional Organic Traffic On The Social Media Platforms

‘You Use Authentic’ reach refers to the number of people who are interacting with content on a platform who have not already engaged with the brand. In other words, true reach occurs when individuals are sharing content with other like-minded individuals that are also organically reached by that brand’s content. Your authentic reach represents the […]

How To Decode The Social Media Algorithm In Today’s Digital Times

Analytics is about understanding and using the patterns of digital data. Patterns can be invisible to the user. For example, users don’t know their news feed is personalized. They may get frustrated and abandon the app. But if you really look at the data, the user is just as interested in the people they follow. […]

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