3 Most Significant Social Media Marketing Trends to Count on in 2021

3 Most Significant Social Media Marketing Trends to Count on in 2021

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Can You name a few from your social circle who do not have any social media accounts? It is tough to answer in this new age, isn’t it?

We all are active on social sites, for professional and personal purposes. If you wish to advertise your brand and convince them to buy from you, target them timely on

Social media sites have become an important part of our digital lives. Its potentiality in penetrating the targeted market is exponential. Ignoring its exploration in digital marketing will be a costly mistake.

With 3.78 billion social media users worldwide, there is no way to ignore social media marketing trends. Add more to your social media marketing campaigns exploring these trends advantageously.

In this blog, we will enumerate and shed some light on a few most rewarding social media trends to benefit from. If the readers wish to learn about the popular 2021 SEO trends as well, check our writeup on 4 Most SEO-Friendly Trends.

Both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) are instrumental to achieve desirable goals. We are not discussing the definitions and benefits of these two digital marketing tools here.

Assuming you already know, let us now focus on the main topic of our discussion in this blog. The most rewarding and fetching social media trends to observe in 2021 are

Virtual Reality will Have a More Profound Presence 

In social media marketing, virtual reality seems to enjoy a greater level of popularity. Meaningful interactions digitally are possible via virtual reality.

This technology trend is witnessing a highly positive response among the audience. Especially after the ongoing pandemic situation forced all inside the home, VR is enjoying a wider acceptance. It gives the impression as if you are actually with your dear ones, separated geographically.

As per the market experts, the market size of VR worldwide is forecasted to make a significant leap, around $20.9B by 2025. The previous year only, the market size accounted for over $6B.

In the social media marketing domain, virtual reality will be in demand for years to come. This trending technology can dramatically influence the social media experience of the audience.

You can adopt this technology to showcase your brand offerings on social sites in a visually captivating style. VR technology facilitates displaying every angle of the product, attributed, salient features, and functionalities in a unique style.

It adds much-needed awe elements to the product promotion and new product launches. The automobile sector can benefit profusely from it. VR will help them get a good idea of how it would feel to drive that specific car model in reality.

Positively explore this immersive experience to tighten the rapport between the brand and consumers.

eCommerce on Social Sites Will Continue Being Popular

Instagram has shown us how cost-effectively and advantageously one can advertise and market goods. Quick and hassle-free shopping on popular social sites is a welcoming trend in 2021. Facebook and Instagram facilitate adding product tags and setting up virtual storefronts without having to create a website.

You have a social media account (Instagram or Facebook), and that’s all you need to smartly do the marketing of your offerings among your connections there. Over 50% of active social media users research products/services on social sites before making a purchase.

eCommerce on Social Sites Will Continue Being Popular

Placing an order from social media sites also eases and shortens the buying cycle process. If someone happens to like a skincare product displayed on Facebook news feeds, she can click on the link provided and make a purchase at ease from the site. No need to go to the brand website and keep browsing through all its offerings for order placement.

Make your social media posts shoppable, set up storefronts on popular social sites, and add a buy button. It is one of the hottest 2021 social media marketing trends you cannot ignore.

Your SMM Campaign Cannot Miss on Live Stream 

Audiences respond positively to Live streams. Social distancing during this lockdown triggered the popularity of live streaming elements on social media sites. The Covid-19 situation undoubtedly doubled the Facebook and Instagram live views noticeably.

It is needless to say that live videos will now dominate social media platforms more than before. As per a recent study conducted, around 40% of consumers wish to view more live streams from their preferred brand. If used productively, it can give you a competitive edge.

To understand it better, try to realize how TV and Radio influenced commercialization years back. Live streaming is supposed to cast the same impact on our new generation. Can you give it a miss from your social media campaign?

Live streaming is an integral instrument to boost online brand promotion. A remarkable market penetration at a negligible cost makes it the hottest 2021 social media marketing (in fact, a digital marketing trend altogether) trend.

The availability of Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and LinkedIn tools further make it easier to reach millions directly and in a personal way (if you so desire). It is like getting an entrance into the personal virtual lives of your targets fruitfully.

Customer engagement via live streaming feels much more direct and rewarding. Top-quality video and audio further enhance the possibility to manage the audience.

Live streaming also assists in generating valuable market data otherwise hard to measure.

Wrapping up

There are many more to mention, but we are limiting our discussion to these three only. We tried to highlight the vital pieces of information for a quicker grasp of the subject matter.

Social media marketing is a vital channel of digital marketing. Direct your online marketing endeavours digitally across popular social media platforms. It can maximize your online exposure manifold.

Incorporate these three most fetching SMM trends into your strategy to witness more positive responses. Hopefully, you have found the blog interesting and informative! Please share your opinion on it below in the comment section.

Thank you for giving your time to our blog!

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