How to Increase Twitter One Million Followers For Businesses In 2020

How To Increase Twitter One Million Followers For Businesses In 2020

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The average Twitter user follows five businesses on Twitter, and 80 % of Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet. And that road goes both ways, with 77 % of Twitter users feeling more positive when a brand replies to their Tweet. More importantly, Twitter found that 54 % of users that have seen a brand mentioned in a Tweet take action, such as by visiting the company’s website, searching for the brand, or retweeting company Tweets.

When it comes to retweets, one Twitter stat that’s good to know is that one-third of users who follow a business on Twitter have retweeted a brand’s tweet, which can go far in helping spread a message. This increase is probably due to 85 % of Twitter users saying that it is important that businesses provide customer support on Twitter.

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Smart marketers know the importance of Twitter marketing for their small businesses therefore, are always on the lookout for new twitter strategies to get more Twitter followers fast. Twitter is one of the many social media platforms that allow businesses to market and advertise themselves without the use of additional manpower or expensive resources. One of the reasons Twitter is so popular for news is because it tends to be where news breaks, it’s also well – known as a news source because journalists are incredibly active on the network. Although Twitter is known for its fast-paced style of content which would normally deter businesses from advertising on the platform, Twitter still plays an important role for businesses concerned with social media engagement, especially small and medium enterprises.

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To find relevant people to follow, I am sharing two most recommended ways to find and follow Twitter users for the maximum follow back chances. Twitter randomly suggests accounts that are similar to the one you just followed and by following them, the Twitter algorithm also suggests your profile when people follow similar accounts to yours. Basically, you find 1 or 2 Twitter accounts that do pretty much the same type of business you do and follow them. Twitter also allows you to add a 160-character account description, an excellent opportunity for introducing your personal or professional side to users who view your profile.

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Many celebrities, politicians, and social media influencers found their Twitter followings knocked down a few digits Thursday as the company slashed tens of millions of suspicious accounts from users ‘followers. These accounts, introduced to the public in 2016, allow popular users and personalities to receive a verification badge, which lets users know that the Twitter account in question is authentic and is owned by the actual personality. Many users have inflated their followers with automated or fake accounts, buying the appearance of social influence to bolster their political activism, business endeavors, or entertainment careers.

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Basically, ‘the pinned hack’ involves getting in front of influencers ‘followers using their pinned tweets ( as you’ve guessed ). The last but not the least Twitter hack secret to getting free Twitter followers in 2019 ( and beyond ) is the ‘Twitter Follow Suggestion Hack ‘. I gave termed this strategy, the family and friends hack because ( as you’ve guessed ), it involves getting your close circle to follow you. This hack is effective because people in your close circle are more likely to follow you than people you don’t know.

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It’s not about trying so hard to get free Twitter followers, it’s about using the best smartest strategies to grow you’re following. These strategies are really good for the consistent growth of your followers, and most of the advice you’ll read — How I Went From Zero to 380,000 Followers and Twitter Tips From a Marketer with 200 K Followers — will be variations on many of these bullet points.

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Twitter engagement is defined as including any Likes, Retweets, Replies, @mentions, Follows, Profile clicks, Permalink clicks, Tweet expansion clicks, and Link clicks. When new accounts are registered on Twitter, they get a number of following recommendations from Twitter, which can be selected in one click. Tweets can be posted to Twitter via text message, mobile websites, audio, twitter’s website, or a variety of other mobile and web applications.

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Think of voice as your brand’s personality – a core part of its identity – and tone as your brand’s mood from day today. If you’re using Twitter for your business, remember to use your actual brand name and get verified, as most global brands do. Interestingly, the fact that a brand posts entertaining and useful content the seventh – most popular reason for following a brand. Secondly, schedule tweets to all 2-star influencers on how their free stuff has helped you, your personal brand, or your business. When you eventually gain traction with a high following and good engagement, you should begin to think about what you can offer any brands that may want to sponsor some of your tweets.

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When you engage your followers using hashtags, your tweets will be visible to audiences interested in the hashtag, which will increase your reach. The best way to use hashtags is to look for trending hashtags that fit your editorial plan and include them in your tweets. You do not include hashtags in your tweet or you put too many hashtags in your tweet, either way, this won’t get you anywhere.


If new followers are less engaged than older followers, or if new Twitter accounts are less engaged than older Twitter accounts, it may be interesting to look at these newer accounts. The fact that more followers are required for the same number of retweets is pointing to a conclusion that Twitter followers are becoming less engaged on average. Twitter seems to be a mature platform that, in terms of engagement, is not growing anymore, even though the number of new followers for large accounts indicates otherwise.


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