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Recent Trends to Observe in Social Media Marketing 2021!

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Social media site is your destination and medium to go viral these days. Marketing or promoting your cause and offerings on social media is inevitable to claim digital popularity. Not the new normal of socializing suggests being social with others on social media!. Business Designz, a top-notch Social Media Marketing Agency London, states that in recent times the social media craze is propelling exponentially.

Keeping in view what the domain experts say, social media marketing is an important investment you need to focus on. For a stable and steady return on investment, investing in social media marketing is mandatory.

The social media statistics summary report worldwide says that more than 3.6 billion active social media users are there. This numeric value is projected to stretch to an extent of 4.41 billion approximately by 2025. This only indicates the fact that failure to grab the attention of social media users will be a suicidal business decision.

You agree right? You have to!

TOP 4 Social Media Platforms to Explore

As per reliable market research studies, it is clear which social media networking sites stand unbeaten in today’s time. Any guess? Leave the hassle with us as we present to you the 4 most popular social media darlings here.

TOP 4 Social Media Platforms to Explore


Over 2.5 billion people worldwide are highly active on this social networking site. Extra addition recently further increased its credibility as a marketing tool. Live broadcasting facilities and the integration of Facebook Messenger into the Facebook inbox help branding significantly.

There are almost 9 million brand marketers who are advertising their offerings via Facebook. Ignoring this platform will be a costly mistake.


Who among us has never referred to YouTube content for seeking information, doing DIY projects, and learning new art? We all have besides watching movies and entertainment videos. YouTube is a hugely popular online video platform globally, the 2nd most visited website in the world!

YouTube enjoys more than 2 billion monthly users. YouTube is popular with every age category, be it older adults, children or senior citizens.

It should be a surprising statistical fact to you that around 50% of global b2b decision-makers opt for this social media site to make research on purchases. Your social media marketing campaign needs to devise ways to grow your YouTube audience quicker for impactful outcomes.


Come on now honestly answer how many of you have got good job offers or rewarding business contacts from LinkedIn? You must be chuckling now. Yes, it is a wonderful professional networking platform with zero bullshit.

Available in 24 languages, it is the most secure and trusted social networking site. It is the best platform to advertise your brand and look for deserving candidates to fill vacancies. Around 40 million people use this site to look for jobs. Even Bill Gates is reported to have penned down 10 highly engaging LinkedIn articles the previous year.


Any reliable social media marketing agency would admit to the fact that Instagram is a lucrative platform for business promotion. With 1.074 billion active users, the importance of Instagram in the commerce sector is hard to overlook.

For selling feminine or women-related products/services it is indeed the best social media site. Why? Because recent studies reveal that the largest demographic on Instagram happens to be young women.

It is the best platform for launching Influencer marketing. Around 80% of Instagram users explore this platform for researching services and products. The Instagram business accounts are seen to enjoy an average engagement rate of 0.96% on its post.

Business Designz An Emerging SMM and SEO Agency

Business Designz: An Emerging SMM & SEO Agency 

Business Designz is a popular social media marketing agency. It is also a reliable provider of Local SEO Services UK. Exploring new age technology to implement tactful social media marketing strategies gives a competitive edge.

Working with a team of dynamic SMM and SEO experts, it can think out-of-the-box and walk extra miles. Once a collaboration happens, clients know how their social media campaign is going and what changes to expect.

Apart from these, it also offers professional-grade PPC audit London services at a cost reasonable enough. A wide spectrum of digital marketing solutions is there on the offer list. Experts here do not believe in being “jack of all trade master of none”. So, experts with experience in their respective domains work on your projects.

We do not make a web designer handle your SMM projects. Also, not a PHP developer work on your SEO campaigns. Our web designers and developers do their tasks only. You might like to know how they add a pro-touch to your website. Experts with specialized knowledge in the domain manage projects accordingly. It ensures achieving the desired results in a systematic fashion.

Wrapping up

Social media marketing is dominating and will continue dominating the digital marketing domain. It has immense scope and potentiality to add more fire to your marketing campaigns. If you wish to go viral, go social!

The statistical facts and figures given here are assembled from reliable sources. Hopefully, readers will find them informative and interesting. Apart from the 4 social media platforms we discussed here, there are many others worth exploring. Twitter, Pinterest, and WhatsApp are equally effective in maximizing your reach.

Do use them judiciously. A credible social media marketing agency or a digital marketing company can help you with this judiciousness better. Good Luck!

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