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Top 6 SaaS Web-based Social Media Management Software

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Only fools ignore social media marketing while promoting their brand offerings. Be it for personal or professional reasons, propelling popularity on social media sites is relatively easier and quicker.

Software automation enables one to execute and attain the desired goals in a specific domain easily. Automation ensures systemization, convenience, timeliness, and efficiency.

Business Designz is a trustworthy and creditable company offering a range of digital marketing services. The service arsenal also includes social media marketing. Experts here believe in staying attuned to the changing times and embrace the latest technology to ease the workflow.

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate the marketing campaign for reaping the maximum possible benefits at ease? We will enlist here a few social media marketing software. Each of these come enriched with a set of attractive features, designed to add more value to your social media marketing campaign.

We will try our best to mention here the names of FREE SaaS web-based software for the benefit of our readers. Let’s acquaint ourselves with the software here right now.


It is a feature-rich social CRM software that can run on mobile (Android, iPhone, iPad), and desktop (Mac, Windows). A free trial for a period of 30 days is available, Free version is not. Appointment scheduling and audience targeting become a hassle-free process. Users can conveniently manage their multiple social media accounts via this tool.

Alerts or notifications and news feeds are available. Bitrix24 is available with access permission features.


This SaaS web-based social media marketing software runs on Android, iPhone, and iPad. No FREE version is available. You will find this tool useful in contact management, customer engagement and segmentation.

Users can do multi-account management and social media monitoring. It also comes with a dashboard for an easy view of the activities and results. Doing reputation management becomes a hassle-free process.

Content management and automated publishing features are also available. Brand tracking with configurable alerts makes it stand out from other options.


Loomly is a web-based social media management and marketing software. It comes engineered with an array of features, including content management. Scheduling your social media posts at your convenience is possible.

You can use this tool only on your mobile, it does not run on a desktop. It offers a free trial but the free version is unavailable. The Best Social Media Marketing Agency in London or anywhere has heard of this tool at some point in time for sure. It is useful indeed.

It can cater to all your social media campaigns. Monitoring, managing and marketing social media sites become a hassle-free task. Customer segmentation is available. Some salient features worth mentioning here include keyword filtering, collaboration tools, and analytics.


A FREE version of this web-based SaaS social media management software is available. You can use it on a range of platforms, including iPad, Mac and iPhone. It becomes easier to keep your entire marketing team on the same page using this software.

Editing your content calendar also becomes a hassle-free job. It supports live chat, surveys & feedback, polls/voting, real-time chatting, gamification etc

Trello features access controls, client portal, brainstorming, kanban board, and road mapping. Third-party integrations and KPI monitoring are possible.

Marketing 360

It is a feature-rich SaaS social media management tool you can use on your iPad, iPhone, and Android. A FREE version is available! Managing audio files, reviews, pipelines, links, documents, templates, websites, collections and gift cards is possible.

You can analyze, manage, monitor, and plan your campaigns appropriately. It contains an image library. Marketing 360 supports automatic re-ordering, credit-card processing, mass texting, email marketing, and multi-channel marketing. Customer service analytics available.

Social media integration and retargeting are readily available with this software. Geotargeting is possible.


The FREE version is available but a FREE trial is not. It is the best cloud-based SaaS tool to organize, track, and share tweets for better reach and exposure. You can run TweetDeck on your Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Users can easily schedule their Twitter posts now using this tool. In case you run multiple Twitter accounts, it will be possible for you to manage multiple accounts. It supports automated publishing.

TweetDeck is available with collaboration tools.

Wrapping up

Business Designz, a renowned , advocates the use of social media marketing software. It eases your task and adds greater efficiency to the campaign as already mentioned.

The software we have enlisted here can be of immense value to your social media marketing endeavours. The features we highlighted here will assist you in managing your social media sites and monitoring the activities there.

Many of these will help in generating leads, email marketing, and other significant spheres. Hopefully, you have found this article interesting and useful!

In case you can name a few more software here in the comment section below, we will be happier to include them in our forthcoming articles. So, let us know.

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