Latest PHP Frameworks That Are Proving Beneficial For Best Web Design Companies In The UK

One of the vital coding languages that come into mind, when saying web development, is PHP. It has been used on almost every web page around the world. Including some of the big names of the industry like Facebook and Wikipedia.

What Are PHP Frameworks?

PHP frameworks are libraries that include commonly used PHP codes. That is why the Custom PHP Developer turns to the use of good PHP frameworks to compose their codes.

PHP frameworks are basically comprised of the most commonly used functions, which cuts down the amount of the original code that one needs to write. This not only saves them from hard work but in turn, also helps save a lot of time!

Why Use PHP Frameworks?

There are a lot of benefits of using PHP frameworks. That is why it is most commonly used by some of the Best Web Design Companies in UK. Here are some of the benefits – 

  • Time-efficient as it saves time to write enormous quotes over and over again
  • Fewer codes to write as you don’t have to write much of the original codes
  • No need for repetition as the libraries can be used for some common codes
  • Organized and better coding examples
  • More secure than usual codes and less vulnerable to hacking
  • Better teamwork and understanding
  • Much easier to maintain and no worries about finding the bugs in your codes

The Best PHP Frameworks in 2022

There is actually a hell of a lot of frameworks of PHP. It is rather difficult to choose the best out of them. But still, there are some most frequently used ones that are trending in this new year, according to some Digital Marketing Company in the UK. They are – 

  • Laravel – This is one of the most common frameworks of PHP. Laravel is considered a huge player in the community and it has been used by millions of developers. The most beneficial point of using Laravel is because it delivers high performance, with high security and scalability and offers a faster time to market. And also last but not least, it is open source or free to use!
  • CodeIgniter – A rapid web application development framework with a ridiculously small size. It is another most frequently used PHP framework that supports PHP 7.2 and above! It is also an open-source framework and it is quite easy to use actually and get started with it.
  • Symfony – Symfony is not only a PHP framework, but it also has a bunch of other stand-alone reusable components for more efficient and faster web development. With the help of Symfony, one can develop websites, microservices, and APIs too.
  • Laminas Project –  It is a continuation of one of the most popular frameworks in PHP known as the Zend PHP Framework. It mainly consists of three parts, that are Laminas components and MVC, Mezzio for building middleware applications, and API tools for creating RESTful APIs.
  • Yii – Yii is also one of the most used Frameworks of PHP. It has over 11 million+ downloads! It stands for “Yes it is” and is a fast, secure, and more flexible framework for web development in PHP. It is mostly used for creating MVC architecture websites. Yii is completely Object-oriented and uses the concepts of inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, etc!

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Although there are a lot of frameworks for PHP, different developers prefer different frameworks according to their purposes. These are some examples of the most trending ones in 2022. This list is not biased. May you choose the best out of them for full benefit.

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