What is A Meta Description and Why is it Important in SEO Agencies in England?

If you ever have browsed for a service or product online, you might see that along with the results, you will get some content that provides some little details about the site or the brand. This acts as an introduction to your website visit and briefly explains what’s inside.

Meta Description in Short:

The meta description can be shortly explained as an HTML element that has to be put to all kinds of websites. The length of the meta description can vary between 160-200 characters, depending upon the requirements of the websites.

It is Vital in Digital Marketing:

While writing a meta description, the element of relatability and conciseness should be considered. As you can understand, it is a vital part of the SEO Agencies in London and is an indispensable part of digital marketing.

Importance of Meta Description:

The importance of a meta description is immense. We can point out some of its needs here:

  • Meta Description is an important tool for Google Rankings
  • It affects the organic growth of a website
  • A well-written meta description catches attention and increases the click-through rate
  • Meta Descriptions are also important for ranking your post on Social Media

By now, you might have a clear knowledge of what meta description is. However, you should keep in mind that writing meta descriptions is not an easy task. Different SEO Agencies in England dread providing a meta description that is concise and captures the attention for better ranks.

Vital Elements of Meta Description:

Here are some of the elements that a web content writer has to add to a meta description. These are some of the important parts that simply cannot be ignored by all SEO Companies in London.

  1. Meta descriptions are not a test of your digital knowledge. Try to keep the language as simple as possible. The technical jargon won’t be understandable to most of your readers. So better keep it within the stipulated word limit by using simple language.
  2. Take inspiration from other written meta descriptions, but do not put a blatant copy. If Google finds your meta description as plagiarised or a rip-off, your website would suffer badly and will bring a bad name to your London SEO Agency.
  3. Keywords are a very important cog when we consider meta descriptions. So do not forget to put keywords in a concise format. The title tag is the most important part, so you better keep an eye on that.
  4. You can also put a strong Call to Action or CTA at the end of your meta description. Most of the SEO Agencies in England do that so that the meta description could be put to some action and influence the website ranking as well.

These are some of the basic rules of writing and placing a meta description. Surely, the process needs good technical assistance, but there should be a focus on the content as well.


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