How Can Your PPC Agency in London Measure the Success of a Campaign

PPC Advertising is one of the important tactics of digital marketing, and you cannot avoid it if you aim to attract your target audience. The advertising model is much more economical and flexible than the common marketing and advertising method, and it’s becoming the first choice of many business owners.

Basic Difference of PPC and others:

The basic difference between PPC and other visual advertisements is its measurement. The success of a visual ad can only be understood by the sales increase of the product or the number of people talking about it. PPC agencies in London measure their campaign success by various criteria.

Engagement is Everything:

After all, an advertising campaign, whether outdoor or online, can only be called a success when we know about its engagement rate. And in campaigns like PPC, it is much more important as the clients can plan to change the course of the campaign based on the results.

Scales to Measure the Success:

We will talk about such measurement scales by which you can measure the success of your PPC campaign. You can incorporate these to scale the campaign success in the PPC Agency in Warminster where you work.

  1. Enough Impressions: The aim of PPC Advertising is to bring the user to the landing page. More traffic means greater success. The actions of the visitors after arriving on the website is another important factor to measure success.


  2. Number of Visits in the Product Page: This is what you can call the money shot, or rather, the money click. The ultimate result that a client needs when they visit a PPC Agency in London is that their customers click on the products or services page. If your agency can achieve this, you can be assured of success.


  3. Low Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is defined as the number of visitors who go away after visiting the landing page, without taking any action or visiting any further pages. A lower bounce rate means you can smile without any worries.


  4. People Talking About Your Copies: The PPC is not devoid of any other forms of marketing or advertising. Though it is a part of digital marketing, the impact of textual and graphical content is very important. So when you see your copy making it to the Trending section of social media, you can be assured of its success.


  5. Lesser Audit Sessions: There’s nothing much dreadful than the process of PPC Audit in London. The audits are basically done to gauge the impression and the effectiveness of the campaign. So if your client does not need frequent audits about the impressions and engagement of the PPC Advertisement content, you can take a sigh of relief

These are only the basic tools for measuring the success of a PPC Campaign. There are advanced tools as well that are used by the popular PPC Agencies in London. As a business owner, you have to choose one who has in-depth knowledge and experience in using all of these tools.

Business Designz in Detail:

One of the agencies where you can find the perfect balance of experience and uniqueness is Business Designz. We are one of the leading PPC Agencies in Warminster who can do it all for you.

We have an in house digital marketing team consisting of experienced campaigners. They are in charge of handling big international projects and perform regular audits of the impressions and engagements. You will be provided with regular updates highlighting the performance of your campaign.

Our Flexibility:

The best thing about PPC is that you can change its course anytime you want. If you feel that the campaign is lacking in engagement or not getting the proper impressions according to your expectations, we can help you decide its course.

Contact Us:

For more details about our PPC Audit in London, visit our website. You can get knowledge about all the services provided by our company. You can also contact our team to get a free quote.


PPC is a growing marketing technique that is getting high popularity. For its flexibility and lower cost, it is creating a buzz in the digital marketing arena. Only an expert team of online marketing can do magic for you.

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